Green Mountain Organic Creamery is dedicated to providing only the best organic products.  We are passionate about our products and view our company as providing a long term commitment to our customers, our family farm and our local community.  

We are a small business committed to supplying the best quality products to you.  Our business is accelerating as we are reaching more and more customers on the East Coast.  View our Products to see what we offer and the Find Us page for a location near you.

We thank you for your interest in investing in Kimball Brook Farm.  This offer is for Vermont's only.  If you are a Vermont resident you can use the link below for an overview (in plain English) of the securities we are offering.

This is a summary only.  You should carefully review the Offering Memorandum dated October 4, 2016, including its exhibits, prior to making any decision to invest in these securities.

Summary/Overview Document

You should not make any investment decision until you review our full Offering Memorandum which can be found at

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