Here’s the story of our how our farm and name came to be: 

The farm was settled by Daniel Kimball of New Hampshire in the late 1700s.  His son George Bradly Kimball, his son Daniel Kimball and then his son Ted Kimball continued the farm until it was purchased by Edward Danyow in 1960.  This was the first time the farm was no longer in the Kimball family.

The DeVos family purchased the farm in 1967.  John De Vos Sr. and his son John De Vos Jr. moved their complete herd (50 cows), machinery and households to Vermont on June 1, 1968 from Monroe New York.

John De Vos Jr. and his wife Sue operated the farm for over 30 years raising three sons and one daughter on the farm.  The eldest son, John De Vos III (JD) and his wife Cheryl took over the business in 2001 took over the business expanding the herd from 80 cows to 200 and added a milking parlor.

JD and Cheryl began transitioning the 220 cow farm to organic dairy in 2003.  Kimball Brook Farm became one of the largest certified organic dairy operations in the State of Vermont.  The first shipment of organic milk was in September 2005.  In 2010, they began the process of another business – opening their own creamery.  During this time, they received the VT Dairy Farm of the Year award in June 2011.  Their dreams of opening a creamery became a reality on May 17, 2012 – that was the official opening of Green Mountain Organic Creamery located in Hinesburg (former Saputo Cheese plant).

The Creamery staff are proud to assemble, bottle and package all of the Kimball Brook Farm products including:  Whole Milk, Skim Milk, 1% & 2% Milk, Creams, Half & Half, Chocolate Milk, Maple Milk, Iced Cappuccino Mocha & Coffee flavors, buttermilk, butter and Ice Teas (Black Sweet & Unsweet Teas and Green Sweet & Unsweet Teas).


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